A quick tour of the Coronavirus Aftermath

Molitics 22-Apr-2020

Well look here. “They” have not “imprisoned us forever”, like some feared.
Now they want us soon to go back to work so we can start rebuilding the bruised economies.

I suspect 5G will be around for a long time and if that was responsible for all this, then we will get no respite. We will continue dying from it until we leave our place to other animals that are not affected by it. Als, the virus has devoured populations which probably even haven’t heard about the 5G yet, but are struggling to stay alive.

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Bill Gates apparently made a bid mistake in predicting a pandemic beforehand, which led to theories of him administering this epidemic. Bill Gates has not come up with a vaccine yet and chances are others will beat him to it; so if he was behind the Covid-19 virus, he was bad at math not to have had it ready and waiting before he triggered this off.

The “globalists” have not achieved “one-world government” as far as I can tell. Countries will continue going to war with each other even after the pandemic is over. Peace as we are experiencing today could possibly be the silence before a storm. Besides, “the one world government is inversely proportional to religion”, which runs more rapidly in veins than even blood does.

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The “Internet experts” will have had their 15 minutes of fame and some will attempt to extend this for a little while longer, by trying to convince us they were right all along. This is a trend we all have encountered in the course of time.

Thanks to them, we’ve come to learn the term “herd immunity” (some of us even understood the implications) and get acquainted with the names of some medicines we’ll probably never need to use again. Not sure to what extent the model of “Herd Community” is feasible in the current situation, also because of the apathy most of the populations are infected with. Personally I’m grateful to hear that Vitamin C can cure this virus among others and coming from a citrus producing land, I’ll be sure to consume even more oranges and tangerines from now on will probably also recommend people to do so.

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The “seasonal flu” will continue to claim lives every year but I doubt that will force governments to build, in record time, emergency hospitals to deal with it, in the way we saw happening this year.

If and when we get a final, acceptable (global) tally of the dead, it may show that it was not as bad as was originally expected, which in itself would be a good thing. No self respecting person would wish for the worst case scenario. Remember: hindsight is not a gift and it’s always more prudent to err on the side of caution.

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Humanity has had to face many viruses in its history, the worst of which was the plague which, thankfully, never made a come back. Hopefully this too will leave us never to reappear. Time is our test for now and we have to unite to fight against a common enemy.

Those of us who have lost loved ones to this, will grieve for them, irrespective of whether they had “underlying health issues” that had not killed them before and were unlikely to kill them this year had it not been for this virus. Medical attention, especially of the immediate nature, should be provided at any cost to anybody who is ill irrespective of what is he suffering from.

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Soon it will be the time to divert our energy and “imagination” to arguing on whether this was a naturally occurring virus, or whether it was a biological weapon unleashed on us by China, the US or any other third country. One thing I am sure of, is that new “experts” will emerge with links to support the position of each theory. And life goes on….thankfully!



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Anju Yadav

Molitics is India’s first Sociopolitical platform pledging the latest and unbiased political information. https://www.molitics.in