Planning to take “The SAREE CHALLENGE” Think Again!

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The Maharashtra cyber cell has advised individuals against a site named ‘Deep Nude’ and it’s few versions that utilize Artificial Intelligence to produce a naked image of an individual when a normal photo is transferred to the webpage, in this way leaving women taking an interest in online trends, for example, ‘SAREE CHALLENGE’ helpless against pornography, erotic entertainment, and extortion.

As per a report in The Hindu, a cyber police officer warned, “Recent trends like the ‘Saree Challenge’, where women upload their pictures on their social media accounts and tag their friends, creating a chain, present endless opportunities to criminal elements to prey on them using websites like Deep Nude. It is best to have privacy settings that do not allow strangers access to pictures.”


The controversial website that shut down its activities a year ago, is back in the business now. Allegedly, Indian cybercriminals are also utilizing the site for catfishing. Cybercriminals usually honey trap married men through sexual and titillating talks and trading off compromising pictures and later use it against them via blackmail.

Cybercriminals take advantage of individuals’ reluctance to report or complain about such violations to the police. Maharashtra SP (Cyber Cell) Balsing Rajput said that a group had been set up to screen the site with the goal that stringent move could be made against the serious crime.

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The pictures shared via web-based networking media by women, according to the reports, are much of the time utilized by the cybercriminals to make nudes, which are then utilized for sex entertainment, pornography, and extortion.

One of the most exceedingly terrible threats of websites like Deep Nude is that there are various renditions or versions of the site accessible. The Hindu reports that the situation is all the more grim as the website even has an app and a twitter handle as two of its versions. One website page even looks for donations from clients. Talking of now, there have already been reports of women being targeted.

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Before all this happening now, the Singapore government had suspended the use of Zoom Video Communications Inc’s conferencing application for online training after programmers hijacked a training exercise and flashed vulgar pictures to the students. Singapore’s Ministry of Education (MOE) said on April 9 (Thursday) that it is at present investigating the breach.

The teachers in Singapore are the most recent victims of the Zoom software, wherein strangers randomly join private conversations and start using abusive language, showing obscene pictures or post shocking messages. Taiwan has likewise prohibited the use of Zoom software for video conferencing. The Indian government has recently expressed that the Zoom software isn’t protected.

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