Rise of Hindu Extremism in India- An invisible plague


Author :- Mukand Sarkar

The division of the subcontinent in 1947, to a large extent, sealed the

destiny of our country for quite a long time. The establishing fathers of the nation knew without question that the most ideal approach to administer such an enormous and diverse land is through secularism. But secularism soon became a myth. There is no gainsaying the fact that a prominent section of the Hindu community has always concocted a theory that India is a Hindu country. They never got tied up with the possibility of secularism. The disturbing number of lives lost during partition and the assassination of our founder Mahatma Gandhi in 1948 bear the declaration to this reality.

Hinduism is the third biggest religion on the planet after Christianity and Islam. Incidentally, at the global level, the spread of Hinduism lags behind the other two religions on the world map. Hindus by and large live in countries where they are

in majority. 97% of the total Hindus today live in India, Mauritius and Nepal, which have the distinction of Hindu majority. Muslims, on the other hand, are more widespread around the globe with its populace constituting 3.4% in Germany, 4% in USA, 7% in France, 11% in China, 18% in Russia and so on.

On the occasion that we plot a chart for the next few decades, India will have the largest populations of both Hindus and Muslims. As per projections, by 2050 Muslim populace in India will grow to around 311 million; which will be 11% of the total Muslim populace of the world. This will make India the nation having the biggest Muslim populace on the planet beating Indonesia. Notably, the Muslim population is known to expand at a quicker rate than Hindus since it has a younger median age and the highest fertility rate. As per the 2010 data, the median age for Muslims was 22 as compared to 26 for Hindus and 28 for Christians. Moreover, Muslims have an average of 3.2 children per woman as against 2.5 children for Hindus. Based on this trend, the Muslim community is set to expand at a quicker rate ascending from 14.4% in 2010 to 18.4% in 2050.


It is conceivable that this may prompt social distress and communal violence as the portion of Muslims in advanced education, employment and administrations probably won’t increase proportionately, given the fact that little or no attention is paid to their welfare. If we look at the hate crimes and hate slogans against the Muslim community in conjunction with the expanding Muslim population, genuine dangers emerge for the nation’s peace and harmony. From the spate of mob lynching to Fatima Lateef ending it all after being victimised to religious bias, things are simply adding insult to injury. At the point when prominent politicians chant” Jai Shri Ram” each time a Muslim politician goes to take a vow, genuine inquiries are brought about strict resistance up in our nation today. In one of its provisos, The Citizenship Amendment Act made it to the headlines on account of dividing the displaced based on their religion, which was followed by new skylines of uncertainty in our psyches. BJP had a staggering triumph in the state races; however, their selection of Chief Minister for UP, the state with the largest population was undoubtedly astonishing. The office was conferred to a Hindu priest who is infamous for being Anti- Muslim.


India is a young country, with a larger part of its population under the age of 26. A young mind is more vulnerable, as it is still in its formative stage. Science discloses to us, that what we are is a result of the things that have transpired, as they change the manner in which our genes work. Consistently, our body physically responds and changes as per the contemplations that go through our minds. So essentially what moves through your psyche shapes your brain in lasting manners. Developmental psychologists suggest children are more likely to punish bad behaviour than they are to reward good deeds. The inquiry emerges here; by what means will a young mind respond and create on the off chance that it is always shelled with loathe mottos and despise exercises against his community. The manner in which that he doesn’t have a spot on the land parcel he is standing, exclusively because he is a Muslim makes sure to trigger a huge amount of threat in his mind. With this frame of mind, the youth will certainly grow up with requital towards the Hindus. Any child, who has been adjusted to the viciousness his community has experienced, won’t have the choice to pardon the guilty parties of that violence. A persistent continuance of such situations may germinate a tendency of revenge and violence. Well, this is perhaps the way that most rebels are born! Lamentably this will prompt simply an unmanageable communal agitation wherein we as a whole will endure.

Religion is the antithesis of secularism. Sigmund Freud portrayed religion as an “Obsessive Compulsive Disorder”. Research records that there is an uncanny association between religion and mental wellness. The fundamental hindrance to the spread of compassion is the established religious assumptions, which in its most destructive structure exists in the subcontinent. If only, our nation can dispose of its religious bias, blind ethnic and national pride, the human civilisation has an incredible possibility in accomplishing worldwide harmony.

After all, our planet Earth; as viewed from the distant space is a sparkling ball amidst the vast obscure space with no credence to any man-made boundaries of religion or race. On this National Integration Week, the pledge should be to assimilate and not decimate the characteristic diversity of an enigmatic India

we are truly proud of!

I hope one day the dream of John Lenin comes true, “Imagine all the people living life in peace. You may say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one. I hope someday you’ll join us, and the world will be as one”.



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